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Taking Your Company To An Inbound Recruiting Model
How Indigo HR Can Transform Your Talent Acquisition

Talent Attraction Audit

One of our certified Inbound Recruiting Specialists will conduct an in-depth audit and analysis of your existing recruitment processes (processes, systems and marketing channels). Our audit also includes assessing the actual candidate experience by posing as a candidate to determine the quality of interactions a candidate has with the company’s marketing activities, processes and recruiters. This audit will clearly outline to you the recruiting strengths of your company and areas that need to be improved upon relating to marketing activities, processes and training of staff.

Post audit, a new recruitment strategy is defined based on the inbound recruiting methodology, with a detailed action plan on how to transform and implement the new recruitment strategy. Tools and systems are essential in supporting your new inbound recruiting marketing. There are plenty of recruitment management and tracking systems, however there are few inbound recruiting marketing tools. Hence, this is one of the reasons we developed our Recruiting Marketing Platform based on inbound recruiting methodologies and inbound marketing technologies (Hubspot). Please read about Recruitment Marketing Platform.

Employer Branding

Indigo HR has developed an Employer Branding Programme bringing strategy, values and talent together to build high performance companies with great people.

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  • Understanding Business Objectives & Plan
  • Conduct Employee Feedback
  • Evaluate external sources
  • Identify Talent Groups
Building a Strategy
  • Develop an Employer Value Proposition
  • Develop KPIs
  • Implement and/or Analyse Employee Initiatives/Rewards Programmes
  • How to Gain Employee Buy-in and Engagement
Communication Strategies
  • Develop Talent Personas
  • Creates Stories that Support the EVP
  • Using the Right Channels and Social Media
Essential Tools
  • Career website
  • Career company pages on Social Media
  • Employee videos and photos
  • Inbound Recruiting Methodologies
Measuring Results
  • Evaluation and ongoing follow up of Employer Branding strategies and goals
  • Tangible measurement of ROI and KPIs
  • Develop Action Plans based on findings

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