Inbound Recruiting

Where Inbound Marketing Meets Recruiting

Today tens of thousands of businesses globally are using inbound marketing to grow and delight their customers. That’s why the original inbound playbook is the blueprint for inbound recruiting.

Traditional marketing (push marketing by placing job advertisements as the main marketing activity) is no longer an ideal method for recruiters as it is much more time consuming, not as effective and costs more money to the company. This is also attributed to the way people find, research and apply for jobs has changed. The control is now in the hands of job seekers, with over 75% of job seekers starting their search on Google. Job seekers can discover what a workplace is like, which positions are available and even find salary information.

As a result of this, employer branding is essential. Recruiters need to think more like marketers to create an engaging helpful candidate experience.

What is Inbound Recruiting?

Inbound recruiting (pull marketing which attracts quality candidates) creates a remarkable candidate experience through employer brand content and marketing strategies that help companies build relationships with top talent. By taking an inbound marketing approach to recruiting, companies can connect with passive and active job seekers, engage with their network, and delight candidates throughout the application process.

The Inbound Recruiting Methodology

The best way of attracting, converting and engaging candidates.

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5 Main Drivers of Inbound Recruiting

Content Creation

Are you telling your employer brand story? Help job seekers answer questions and get an authentic look inside your organization by creating content that’s valuable for your candidate persona.

Lifestyle Marketing

What are the chances a top saleswoman or engineer applies for a job on their first visit to your site? Pretty low. Think like a marketer to nurture relationships and stay in touch over time.

Multi Channels

Job seekers and passive candidates learn about your company from a variety of platforms and channels. Meet them where they are by taking your employer brand to them. To understand how inbound recruiting impacts your company’s bottom line, you


To understand how inbound recruiting impacts your company’s bottom line, you need the full, integrated picture of where your candidates are coming from. Dig into your recruiting analytics often.

Culture Driven

Every organization has a unique set of values, motivations, and perspectives. Your company culture is your competitive advantage when it comes to recruiting, and it should be the true north of your inbound efforts.

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