HR Solutions

HR Consulting

It is important more than ever now to ensure that businesses are complying with Employment Law. Whether you are a small to medium business, it is important to guarantee that all your Human Resources practices, policies and procedures are compliant….

Policy & Procedure Manual

Companies are obligated to protect their employees and themselves against unfair practices and discriminatory conduct. The recent increase in legal action against employers, and the high costs associated with defending such actions, has led more and more businesses to develop…

HR Hub

Indigo HR MausHub is an Award Winning Software suite of integrated HR management software modules designed to help any business improve its ability to implement, align and communicate strategies. It is designed to turn any business into a “high performance” business.

Recruitment Marketing Platform

Did you know that it can cost your business anywhere between $50-$100K if you recruit the wrong staff member? This includes lost time, salary, loss of production, as well as damage to your business and staff culture and morale.


Every industry and role is different so it is important to speak to people that really understand your industry and the skills and experience required of your staff.

Health & Safety

A safety program is probably the single most important component to controlling compensation costs, time lost due to incidents and even workplace morale. Writing and communicating are the key..

Performance Review System

Being a business owner and/or manager finding time is always a challenge, particularly when it comes to the ongoing management and performance reviews of your staff.